Activities during UtkalHacks 2.0

On the first day i.e, SprintDay of the hackathon, teams collaborated with UI / UX Designers and began working on their ideas on site. SprintDay is all about working on the problem statement, brainstorming and prototyping before jumping into solving the problem. We will invite some expert mentors who will conduct a Design Sprint that will help you to understand the problems first, develop your idea and the prototype. Most of the of SprintDay is about understanding the problem and developing prototypes. Please remember to bring your laptops and any other equipment and materials you might need to work. Food and beverages are provided throughout.

On the second and third day i.e, HackDay you will actually start working on the prototype that you have designed on SprintDay. And at the end of third day you’ll deliver a pitch of your hack to a panel of judges and the best teams then win prizes, pilot opportunities with Accelerators, Mentors and if the idea is that much promising we will also connect you with VC partners.