A day of Ideation and Prototyping.
UtkalHacks 3.0

SprintDay is a customized implementation of Design Sprint being followed by our hackathon for the very first time.

What is SprintDay?

SprintDay is all about working on the problem statement, brainstorming and prototyping before jumping into solving the problem. On SprintDay teams will collaborate with UI / UX Designers and will begin working on their ideas on site. We will invite some expert mentors who will conduct a Design Sprint that will help you to understand the problems first, develop your idea and the prototype. Most of the of SprintDay is about understanding the problem and developing prototypes.

Why SprintDay?

We feel that hackathons nowadays are just being bloated with vaporware due to the lack of time to work on the problem statements, the lack of direction and objective. It's often observed that people start working on the problems which are not even problems and end-up wasting time on those projects which are not at all viable. Which is why we feel that hackathons need a different approach, it needs a SprintDay.

Activities in a SprintDay:

At SprintDay all the attendees/teams go through a Design Sprint Workshop. It's basically a five-step process:

  • Map out ideas and choose a target

  • Sketch Competing Solutions

  • Decide on best

  • Build a realistic prototype

Solve the surface first, the surface is important.

How does participants apply for SprintDay?

To begin with, participants will have to make a quick submission of the questions mentioned below through the online portal.

  • What is the pain or problem that they are trying to solve?

  • Who's affected by the pain or problem?

  • Does this problem have a tendency to grow and why?