Bootcamp Highlights

Post Event Report [UtkalHacks Bootcamps] [Date: 24th Feb - 6th March 2019]

Why we organize UtkalHacks Bootcamps?

As an organizer or a community leader we need to make our Hackathon as inclusive as possible. In our local community Hackathon is still not mainstreamed, students are not yet familiar with the concept, they think it's some kind of high level competition and are afraid to participate. For this we need to host many beginner friendly workshops and bootcamps that we believe our community will benefit from. It is important for our communities to have exposure to a diverse set of technologies and abilities covering a broad range of skills such as UI/UX, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Deployment and DevOps Basics etc. so that beginners and also intermediate students can be trained and be ready for the Hackathon. The interesting thing here is we organize this workshops in different colleges in all over Bhubaneswar.

Attendance :

  • 1st Bootcamp: Around 92 students attended

  • 2nd Bootcamp: Around 88 Students attended

  • 3rd Bootcamp: Around 162 Students attended, the maximum attendance we got for our Bootcamp

  • 4th Bootcamp: The same with this Bootcamp too. Around 98 - 102 Students attended.


We hosted the Bootcamps in different Universities. The goal was to reach out to different communities and students so that we every can get to know about the Upcoming hackathon i.e, UtkalHacks.

  • The First Bootcamp took place at Trident Academy Of Technology, Bhubaneswar on 24th February 2019.

  • The Second Bootcamp was conducted at Gandhi Institute for Technological Advancement, Bhubaneswar on 28th February 2019.

  • The venue for both the Third Bootcamp and Fourth Bootcamp was Ravenshaw University, Cuttack on 3rd March and 6th March 2019, respectively.

Positives :

  • Students from various Universities got to know about our community and even proposed us to starting an Emisha Chapter in their respective Universities and Colleges.

  • Got a lot of exposure and built our network with other communities in our area.

  • Generated a lot of impacts as we covered different colleges to host the workshops.

  • Onboarded many students right there to build their portfolios in the workshop itself.

  • Conducted mini-competitions to foster engagement and interactivity and eventually filter out students for the Hackathon. This way we got the cream crowd for our Hackathon.

  • We got awesome feedback as well as some Scope for Improvement feedbacks from the students.

Negatives :

  • Did a lot of reschedulings and change of venue.

  • One of the Bootcamp was very disappointing, it was me, Sourav Kumar Nanda, who was taking the workshop. A lot of negative things happened in that event. The quality of the content was missing, even the quality of the explanation was lacking. May be due to the overhead of multiple events being scheduled very closely or maybe lack of preparation due to limited time, whatever it may be but that single Bootcamp was not up to the mark.

Feedback from Attendees :

  • Except for that one Bootcamp what I just mentioned all the other Bootcamps received a lot of good feedback and the workshops were really helpful. Students got a wide range of knowledge from Front end to Backend Development, to NoSQL Databases, to Design Thinking, Prototyping, UI / UX, to Conversational UI, to Chatbots, to Augmented Reality.

  • Not just learned the theories but did a lot of Hands-on and practice through the mini-competitions.

  • Workshops were interactive and engaging.

  • For some students, the workshops brought an opportunity to develop their portfolios.

Photos :

53354613_414471365786679_2414744924365783040_n 53681309_414471422453340_6057437551461924864_n 52661113_411491309418018_4571226992707371008_n 52889973_413030922597390_9054470858801676288_n 52898305_411491126084703_4384775453001383936_n 52901645_414471265786689_8904954079336202240_n 53013900_411491012751381_3491246733004898304_n 53121452_411490889418060_6417033525110767616_n 53018053_413030689264080_7575863148075286528_n 52889973_413030922597390_9054470858801676288_n D082cMpVsAA1DMl D082bboVAAAW9ky

Social Media Posts :

TwitterEmisha on Twitter“Team Emisha is super excited to announce @github as the Platinum Sponsor for #UtkalHacks. GitHub brings together the world's largest community of developers to discover, share & build better softwares. Check out #github #opensource #hackathon”

EmishaSuccessfully conducted the 3rd Pre-event of #UtkalHacks At Ravenshaw University Conversational UI @ActionsOnGoogle

TwitterEmisha on Twitter“Successfully conducted the 3rd Pre-event of #UtkalHacks At Ravenshaw University Conversational UI @ActionsOnGoogle”

TwitterEmisha on Twitter“So, here is our 4th pre event of UtkalHacks i.e, Introduction to Design Thinking and Build your first prototype using @figmadesign being hosted at Ravenshaw University, Cuttack. Keep an eye out for more awesome workshops. Visit: #prototyping #workshops”