What's Unique About UtkalHacks?

UtkalHacks is not just a Hackathon! And it's not just for developers.

We feel that there should be a symbiosis between UX Designers & Developers at a Hackathon.

It has been observed that designers, especially those who don’t code, don’t really have a place or can contribute much during a hackathon. But UX designers can be a valuable asset in a Hackathon!


Designers provide ideation, creation, research, and empathy. And having a designer on your hackathon team, gives your developers the freedom to focus on the technology while the designer focuses on the product.

Hackathons are so constrained by time that we need to prioritize how every second is spent. We're forced to think about how we're going to tackle the project and get it done within the time frame.

UX Designers are going to be the person who gets into the nitty gritty of what the project is actually going to be, and what’s most important.

UtkalHacks is the place where UX Designers will feel belonged!