UtkalHacks Philosophy

We feel that something is broken in today's hackathons!

  • Very less useful hacks are being created at a hackathon – the lack of time to think about the problem statements, the lack of direction and objective, fuels the creation of Vaporware which tend to evaporate post the hackathon, as nobody works on it.

  • Participants tend to focus on shiny new things. They try to use ML, AI, Blockchain and other hyped technologies to make their ideas cool but end up wasting their time because they don’t follow that up with a delivery model that will truly help them launch their initiative.

  • The problem is with us, the organizers running hackathons, who haven’t changed in the way of resources, methods, processes and tooling. Which is why half the time ideas fall off the side of the desk after an event.

  • Also participants work tirelessly through the night, build something awesome, and present it to a panel of judges and leave the hackathon with maybe a prize or two, some new knowledge, a few new friends, and a bag full of swag. But what’s next? What happens after the hackathon?

We want to change this...

This year with UtkalHacks 3.0 we're trying to do a couple of experiments that we believe can have an outsized impact eventually.

  • The primary objective is to reduce vaporware and help hackers produce more useful projects.

  • Provide enough time to ideate, build, and launch your initiative.

  • Long term support for further development of useful projects by providing tools, platform credits, guidance, and mentorship.