PitchDay Illustration

Why PitchDay?

As it's mentioned earlier that participants work tirelessly through the night, build something awesome but what’s next? What happens after the hackathon? Most hackathons have not created an environment that fosters hacking after the hackathon for the individuals who desire to continue pushing their projects forward after the event is over. This is the main purpose of organizing PitchDay where participants are given the opportunity to further work on their ideas are supported even after the Hackathon is over.

What's PitchDay?

The fourth milestone of the Hackathon is known as the PitchDay where shortlisted teams will be invited to deliver the final pitch to a panel of judges and get pilot opportunities with Incubators, Accelerators or VC partners. We will partner with various programs, accelerators, or companies to offer one-on-one mentorship, workshops around topics in design, product, engineering and entrepreneurship. This program is mainly designed so that best teams/individuals can pursue their idea and get mentorship. PitchDay will be organised after 2 or 3 weeks of the Hackathon to ensure enough time for the selected team to work on their MVP that can be deliverable.