What are the topics?

Let's look at some tentative bootcamp topics:

A. Design:

  • Why prototyping is important and how does it help the development team? ( Talk session)

  • Introduction to Figma ( Workshop )

  • Design a basic E-commerce App with Figma ( Workshop )

  • Introduction to Design System for Designers ( Talk session + Demo )

  • What's new in UI / UX industry? UX Writing, Design System, Design API ( Talk session )

B. Frontend Development:

  • Nuts and Bolts of JavaScript ( Workshop )

  • React for Beginners ( Workshop )

  • Making a simple E-commerce App using React

  • Introduction to GatsbyJS

C. Backend Development:

  • The basics of NodeJS and Express

  • Basics of API and Introduction to API Specification Languages

  • Making a simple CRUD based E-commerce API

  • Integration with Frontend

D. Deployment and DevOps:

  • Linux basics

  • Setting up a MERN Stack project in DigitalOcean Droplet

  • Deploying the whole project in DigitalOcean

  • Introduction to CI / CD