How it Works?

Activities in the HackWeeks:

At HackWeeks we will majorly focus these four basic segments:

  • UI / UX

  • Frontend Development

  • Backend Development

  • Deployment and DevOps


HackWeeks will probably start from 4th January and will go on till 26th January. All the bootcamps will be organized only on weekends i.e, Saturdays and Sundays.

The Goal of HackWeeks:

Bootcamps will be mainly project oriented that means all the attendees can go back home with something that they can showcase. Throughout HackWeeks participants will be making a part of their project in each bootcamp that means all of the bootcamps will be somehow connected to each other and yet modular or independent from each other so that every new member can feel belonged. For example, let's say we want to build an simple E-commerce Application throughout HackWeeks. Then in the Design Bootcamp, all the attendees will be trained how to design the UI / UX, Website Copy etc. In the Frontend Bootcamp we learn how the fundamentals of React and then build the Frontend part of that E-commerce project. The same applies for Backend Bootcamp. Here we will learn the basics of NodeJS and Express and how to make a simple E-commerce API. And finally on the Deployment & DevOps Bootcamp we will learn how to deploy the entire full stack project in the server.