A month long bootcamp season.
HackWeek Illustration

What's HackWeeks?

As an organizer or a community leader we need to make our Hackathon as inclusive as possible. In our local community Hackathon is not yet mainstreamed, students are not yet familiar with the concept and are afraid to participate.

For this we need to put up a lot of beginner friendly workshops and bootcamps so that we can onboard newcomers as well as intermediate students. It is important for our attendees to get an exposure of diverse set of technologies and covering a broad range of skills such as UI/UX, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Deployment and DevOps Basics etc. so that beginners and also intermediate students can be trained and be ready for the Hackathon.

The interesting thing here is we are organizing these workshops in different colleges in all over Bhubaneswar. This helps us and our partners in reaching out to various other communities and spread the word about UtkalHacks.