Registration Process

How to Apply?

The entire process is very simple, just go to and hit that Apply With Devfolio button. That's it.

Then you will be prompted to make a quick submission of the questionnaires mentioned below within the Devfolio platform.

  • What is the pain or problem that you're trying to solve?

  • Who's affected by the pain or problem? ( It's good to get some real data from the affected people. )

  • Does this problem have a tendency to grow and why?

  • How you're going to approach the problem?

  • Do you have a team? If yes, then who are the team members?

  • Do you have any plans to continue building the project even after the hackathon? If yes, then what's your vision for future?

The reason for these onboarding questionnaires is basically just to make sure how well do you understand your problems and your vision for future. Also answering these questions will be very much helpful in the SprintDay if you get selected for the UtkalHacks.

Once you are done with the onboarding questionnaires, the rest of the process remains similar, you will have to update your Devfolio profile if needed. Make sure your resumes are uploaded and social links to your GitHub, LinkedIn and other necessary links are updated.

After the submission, your Devfolio profile along with the answers to the above questionnaires will be evaluated and the top 30 teams will be shortlisted to attend the SprintDay and HackDay.